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Clearwater, FL is located in the metro Tampa/St. Petersburg area. It is laidback, low-key place to relax in the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg area. Besides golfing, shopping, restaurants, you can also enjoy the white sandy beaches of Clearwater. With all these events, Clearwater is loaded with high-end resorts and hotels and some of the best golf courses in the State of Florida.

Plan your trip around some of the big events that are scheduled year after year. You'll find the clubs and bars swarming with people wanting to have a good time.

Clearwater Beach, FL

Clearwater and Clearwater Beach are in the east-central quadrant of Florida, along the Gulf of Mexico. Clearwater is also close to Tampa, FL and St. Petersburg, Florida. Clearwater is accessible from Tampa International Airport (TPA) taking only 45 minutes to get to Clearwater. You can also fly into St. Petersburg - Clearwater International Airport (PIE) which is only 25 minutes from Clearwater.

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